Join ecologist Robbie Phillips, for a dusk safari tour.

We’ll first start by watching the sunset over the coast and then this is where the night comes alive!

We will listen to bats with a bat detector, set the moth trap to see what moths are flying that night and maybe even see a barn owl! Discover the huge diversity of moths that can be seen in the UK from the amazing pink elephant hawk moth, to the to the incredibly camouflaged Arches moths.

During the tour, we’ll stop for hot drinks and cake.

Gentle walk around the farm, roughly covering 1.5km.

Due to the nature of Carswell Farm, this tour isn’t suitable for anyone with mobility impairment. We advise sensible footwear and a warm coat.

This tour is weather dependant. You will be notified beforehand, if we have to cancel/postpone due to the weather.

Friday 7th July

8 – 11pm

£20 per person