Carswell Holidays Terms and Conditions

  1. Provisional bookings may be made online, by telephone or email and must be followed by receipt within 3 days by the payment required and, if applicable, a completed booking form. A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total holiday cost is required. Until this non-refundable deposit is received by us and your booking has been confirmed by us any reservation is deemed provisional and as such may be varied or cancelled without prior notice. Payments may be made in Sterling by debit card, credit card, cheque, bank transfer, postal order, money order, or by cash in a registered envelope with the payment processed through Worldpay or such other third party that we appoint. Payment can also be made using PayPal but there is a 3% charge to cover their fees.
  2. The balance of your holiday payment is due 8 weeks (56 days) before the first day of your planned holiday and a reminder will be emailed to you. If you fail to make the relevant payment within 10 days of the date it is due, we will assume that you wish to cancel your booking. If this happens, your booking will immediately be cancelled and the cancellation charges set out in Section 4 below will apply.
  3. Cancellation by you:
    Once the holiday is booked you, the Guest, has entered into a legally binding contract. If the Guest cancels, for whatever reason (including medical and weather related) then no refund of the deposit will be due, and for cancellations within 8 weeks of the holiday no refund of the full balance is due.
    It is recommended and expected that the Guest will have or will take out a holiday insurance policy (which includes cancellation insurance covering sickness and unavoidable reasons for cancellation) prior to their stay.
  4. Cancellation by us:
    (i) In the event of a double booking resulting in self catering accommodation not being available then we will refund in full any monies paid. However, if you request us to do so we will make reasonable efforts to find alternative accommodation of a similar nature and price. If the only alternative accommodation is of a higher price we reserve the right to charge the difference.
    (ii) In the event of cancellation by us at any time prior to the start of the holiday due to property damage (e.g. through fire, flood etc.) or the property being unsafe to inhabit, the deposit and any other monies paid will be refunded in full.
    (iii) We will not be liable for any consequential loss you may suffer or to pay any compensation to you.
  5. Force Majeure:
    We, The Owners, cannot accept responsibility or liability for any alterations, delay or cancellation or any other loss or damage caused by war, civil strife, terrorist action, industrial disputes, fire, sickness, bad weather, epidemics, pandemics, acts of any government or public authority, or any other event outside our control.
  6. Arrival and Departure:
    The earliest time of arrival is 4pm and the latest time for departure is 10am (except the Beach Hut which will be individually advised).
  7. Damage, Loss and Nuisance:
    Please treat the accommodation with due care so that other guests may continue to enjoy them. If you notice something is missing or damaged in your accommodation, please let us know immediately so that we can take the appropriate action. If there has been any damage or breakages during your stay, we would be grateful if you could report them promptly, especially before check-out. The accommodation will be inspected at the end of the holiday & you may be charged for any loss or damage.You agree:
    a)   That the supervision of children, babies, dogs and any adults requiring care remains your responsibility at all times.
    b)   To be responsible for leaving the accommodation in good order and clean condition, otherwise an extra cleaning charge will be levied.
    c)   To pay for any damage or loss however caused, excluding reasonable wear and tear incurred during occupation.
    d)   Not to cause nuisance or annoyance to occupants of nearby properties.
    e)   To allow reasonable access to the property by the Owner if it is deemed necessary, and without notice in an emergency.
    f)   Not to allow the property to be occupied by more than the maximum number of persons stated on the booking form.
    g)   To take all due care in the property and surrounding land and to be responsible for your own safety at all times. If, in our opinion, any person is not suitable to continue their occupation of the property because of unreasonable behaviour, damage or nuisance to other parties, the contract may be discharged and we may repossess the property immediately. You will remain liable for the whole cost of hire and no refund shall be due.
  8. Changes:
    Changes to the booking can be requested by the Guest prior to the balance being paid, and may be allowed at the discretion of the Owners. Any price increase caused by a change of date, property or guest numbers will be payable by the Guest. All changes are subject to a £25 admin fee.Changes will not be possible once the balance has been paid, with the exception of removing extras, which will only be refundable:
    a) Up to 7 days prior to arrival, and
    b) If the Owner has not yet entered into a contract with a third party, and
    c) Less a £25 admin fee.
  9. Complaints – Any complaints should be made immediately or as soon as reasonably possible to us in order to give us a chance to rectify the situation. In every case the complaint must be notified before departure. It is specifically agreed by you that failure to notify a complaint immediately or as soon as possible or at all before departure will entitle us to refuse to entertain the complaint, irrespective of its merits.
  10. Legal Provisions – The construction, validity and performance of the Contract between us is governed by the law of England and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.You agree that the Contract is made at the Owner’s premises and that any proceedings between the parties shall be conducted in the County Court nearest to the Owner.
    Clause headings are for convenience only and do not form part of or affect the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.The information provided in brochures and on websites is believed to be true and accurate as at the time of going to press and all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that descriptions given to you in relation to a particular property are accurate. In any event you acknowledge that minor differences may arise between the photographs, illustrations and descriptions of a particular property appearing in the brochure or website and the actual property which are intended to give general guidance and do not form part of the agreement between you and us.
  11. Wi Fi internet access is available free of charge to guests on the condition that it is not used to view or download from sites that have illegal content or images.
  12. For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 2018, all personal and other information and details collected by Carswell Holidays in the course of its business, belong to us and will not be disclosed to any third party. You can choose to opt in to our marketing list at any time and, if you wish to be removed from our marketing list, please just contact us.
  13. Covid-19
    You must abide by the restrictions in place at the time of travel. This means abiding by any restrictions that prevent you travelling from your home area, and abiding by the measures in place in Devon during your stay.If we are forced to cancel your stay due to national restrictions or due to Devon being placed under regional restrictions, we will work with you to reschedule your holiday. If this is not possible, you will be entitled to a refund. If you are forced to cancel your stay due to regional restrictions in your home area or international quarantine requirements, we will work with you to reschedule your holiday. If this is not possible, we will try to secure a new booking for your travel dates – if we are successful, the cost of your holiday will be refunded less a £50 admin fee. If you become aware that you will not be able to travel due to regional restrictions or international quarantine requirements, please contact us as soon as possible.Our usual cancellation policy applies for multi-household bookings where only part of the party would be able to stay due to restrictions limiting mixing of households.


Updated 26/10/2021